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Responsibilities of Volunteers


The following are some examples of what volunteer positions we need filled.

·Security- Walking around the grounds and patrolling the festival. Also guarding gates around stages, and or entry toIMG_2040 grounds.

Accessibility- helping festival goers in getting around the grounds.

Tickets- Scanning and welcoming all PrideFest patrons as they enter the PrideFest grounds

Information Booth- Answering questions about PrideFest, giving directions to various areas on the grounds, such as ATMs, restrooms, First Aid, various stage areas. 

Return Hand stamp- Stamping patron hands as they leave and thanking them for coming.

 Meal Tickets and T-Shirts

As part of PrideFest’s appreciation for your volunteering for your shift we give you a meal ticket. This meal ticket is worth $5.00 and can be used at the food vendors on the ground.

This meal ticket will be provided to you at the end of your shift.ticket scanners-1

Your PrideFest volunteer t-shirt must be worn while on your volunteer shift.

NO drinking of alcohol in your PrideFest Volunteer T-shirt.

Day of Volunteering
Remember to bring comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for the day. Also bring sunscreen if applicable.Water will be available for all volunteers. There is not a secure place to store your belongings so please do not bring excessive items during your shift.
 (by filling out form, you consent to receiving emails from PrideFest Milwaukee)