Meet Our Team

For 28 years, PrideFest Milwaukee has been produced by  volunteers.  Our team is dedicated to the notion that our vibrant and strong LGBT community deserves to be celebrated. We gather in honor of those before us who struggled and sacrificed 100 times harder than we have had to, and for those following in our footsteps, who will be stronger and more brave than we could ever imagine being.

The team behind the buy propecia 5mg scenes has changed over the years, and with each interested and dedicated volunteer, the power of Pride grows that much stronger.  We’ve been honored to enjoy the talents of so many individuals lending a hand to launch an amazing PrideFest each year.

PrideFest Milwaukee is owned and operated by Milwaukee Pride, Inc., guided by the Board of Directors, and produced by the Production Team.


Meet your PrideFest Production team



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Luke Olson, Director of Operations

Luke Olson – Director, Operations 

Luke Olson has always had big dreams. The biggest one, being able to drive a golf cart around Henry Maier Festival Park, finally came true in 2012. He got the opportunity to serve as the Operations Director by harassing the right people at the right time.  Since that year’s festival, he has been the link between PrideFest and cialis cost canada Milwaukee World Festival. The Operations Director handles logistics for the festival, including managing the layout of the grounds, arranging the fireworks display, and securing the permits for the festival. Luke has enjoyed developing relationships with Summerfest staff, leaders from the other ethnic festivals and city officials, along with all the vendors he coordinates with to make PrideFest happen.

“So many people don’t realize how much goes into putting a festival like PrideFest on. We’re working year round so the community can show up to the festival and have a great experience.”

Luke has a B.A. in Journalism and Media Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is the Assistant Director of Registration Services for the UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education and also works security at LaCage Niteclub.


Mark Gerber, Director of Entertainment & Programming


Mark Gerber – Director, Entertainment 

PrideFest is an integral part of the community.  It’s also a safe place where everyone can be themselves.

It takes a lot of work and effort to put on a festival this large.  But, with our great group of PrideFest volunteers, we continue to outdo ourselves year after year.  And over the years, we have become one big family.

I brought my daughter Samantha to PrideFest in 2000 and was able to ride a float in the parade with her. To this day, we still talk about that experience. She was intrigued with all the diverse people that she saw and met that day. Hopefully, that experience helped her along the way in accepting the diverse group of people I now call family and lowest price on non generic levitra friends.

Based on my experience in concert production and promotion, I was approached in 2007 to join the PrideFest Production Team.  I ran the old Miller Mainstage prior to its demolition.  After a brief hiatus, I returned in April 2012 as Director of Entertainment.  Even joining the festival that late in the year, we pulled off PrideFest with the highest attendance ever-to-date at the time.  My daughter Amanda and partner Shawn joined my team in 2013.

For 2016,  I have been asked to oversee festival programming as well.  My team is absolutely ready for these changes and new challenges. With all the friends and family involved, I know 2016 is going to be bigger and better than ever.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis


Additional Production Team leaders include:

Terrance Raffeet – Director, Security