FAQ / General Information


When is PrideFest this year?  JUNE 10-11-12
When is the Pride Parade?
How can I volunteer? – we will have a sign up form up as soon as possible. Help out in 2016 , get in free, work a short fun shift, get a free TSHIRT & a voucher for food after the shift!
How old do you have to be to attend PrideFest? all ages are welcome. Small children must have adult supervision.
If I can’t volunteer my time, how else can I help? you can always donate to our festival, and you can help spread the word! 
Do you have Parking? Is it possible to find any on the street? How much do the lots charge? There are several lots right up against festival grounds. And prices vary. Prepare for anything from $5.00-$15. You may find a parking spot on the street, but be sure to pay attention to the parking rules!  
Will a city bus get me there?    Why yes of course! Take the Downtown Shuttle straight to the gate of lakefront festivals. Shuttles operate in both directions along Wisconsin Avenue.When traveling to Lakefront Festivals, the Shuttle stops between N. 6th Street and N. Jackson Street, then proceeds directly to the North Gate at the Henry Maier Festival Park
Can I catch a cab around there?Sure, it’s possible. 
Do you have any hotel recommendations?  We will be posting a hotel information soon.
Can I bring my dog/cat/bird/turtle, etc? Sorry,  no animals outside of service animals are allowed on the grounds.
Are there any rules about bringing cameras/taking pictures? Yes, cameras are allowed.  HOWEVER NO photos/videos of headliners are allowed. 
Is there an ATM on the grounds?  Yes, there is an ATM in the Miller Stage area.

Where can I purchase tickets?  We sell tickets online in advance of the festival. The “Ticket” link above will be updated as we get closer to our 2016 dates. Once online tickets end June 10, they will only be available at the festival gates. 
Would I be able to rent a wheelchair if I needed one?  We offer wheelchair and scooter rentals just inside the main gate for a small fee. 
If I am interested in performing, what is the process? Please contact us at info@pridefest.com and we will pass along your info to our Entertainment Dept.