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Saturday, June 8: Soulace at PrideFest Milwaukee

Saturday, June 8: Soulace

soulace_pridefest_milwaukeeSoulace plays at the Wom!nz Spot Lounge on Saturday, June 8 at 2:30 p.m.

As the R&B culture continues to transform its boundaries by accepting gay and lesbian entertainers, few entertainers have risen to the top such as Young M.A.  A new solo lesbian R&B artist, Soulace will not go unnoticed. She brings that old R&B love flavor that paved the way for the artists we have today.

“I loved listening to Luther, Babyface, and Al B. Sure. Every time I hear 80’s or 90’s R&B, my mind begins to race and the pen begins to move. I want everyone to enjoy my music, young and old. I want people to slow dance together and then turn around and dance like crazy. I’m tired of women being talked about as objects instead of queens.”

If you love the way R&B used to be, well then, you will love Soulace.

Soulace started out as a drag king in 2001, performing as Suga Brown up until 2017. This is when she decided to begin her R&B career. Although her career is still fresh, seeing her perform will be a moment you won’t forget. Soulace has performed at local bars in the Neenah and Appleton area and is reaching out to the community to become more involved in supporting gay and lesbian singers by helping them record their own music in her home.

“I’m hoping that our community will feel more comfortable coming forward and doing what they love to do as entertainers. There is room for us too, and we are a hot commodity and always will be.” Her first single “Crazy Official” is one that can and will not be ignored with its smooth 80’s R&B sound and a methodic love-making burst of description. Soulace’s songs cover a wide range of sounds appealing to numerous genres of music and will certainly please a diverse crowd.

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