Friday, June 7: L(ocal)GBTQ Comedy Showcase

jason_hillman_pridefest_milwaukeeThe L(ocal)GBTQ Comedy Showcase hits the Rainbow Stage Friday, June 7 at 4:30 p.m. 

Jason Hillman
He makes the political personal, exploring cultural themes through the lens of his own bohemian upbringing.  He is as insightful as he is somewhat off-putting, which, honestly, sounds insufferable.

People seem to like it, though. He has opened for many nationally touring talents, such as Eddie Pepitone, Chad Daniels, Vanessa Fraction, Paul Hooper, Kevin Bozeman, Johnny Beehner, Chris Distefano, Tom Clark and Chastity Washington.

Look for copies of his debut album, “Dumb Wizard, Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned To Love Impotent White Male Rage” anywhere CDs are used as kitschy bathroom wall art.


Dana Ehrmann

Dana Ehrmann first tried stand-up as a student at Carthage College in Kenosha and has been self-deprecating and discussing sort-of-but-not-quite-adulthood on stage ever since.

Now based in Milwaukee, she has performed at the Milwaukee, Cream City, Floodwater and Great Spirit comedy festivals, and opened for Hari Kondabolu, Charlie Berens, Dan Soder and Sean Patton.

She’s also sorry she hasn’t watched that TV show you recommended, but she just has, like, a lot going on right now.




Carly Malison
Carly Malison’s comedy tackles the tough issuse in today’s world. Not afraid of “going there” is her style; from her embarrassing stories to her takes on everyday life, she has been called a “force to reckoned with.”

Carly’s comedy will leave you thinking, “Thank God that’s never happened to me.”

With four years into comedy, Carly has earned a few credits for herself. Along with featuring and emceeing all around Milwaukee and Illinois she has opened for the likes of Steve-O (Jackass) and Dave Stone. She has performed in the Gilda Radner’s Laughfest (Grand Rapids,MI), Alternating Currents Festival (Davenport, IA), the Milwaukee Comedy Festival (Milwaukee,WI), where she was chosen to perform in the “Best of the Fest,” Cleveland Comedy Festival (Cleveland, Ohio), and most recently, the North Carolina Comedy Festival.


Carson Leet
carson_leet_pridefest_milwaukeeCarson is a self-described “absurdist” who has opened for Nate Craig and has had the amazing opportunity to work with other great comics like Eddie Pepitone.

She recently came out to her grandmother as queer, to which she was reassured that she is not and that that’s “not a nice thing to say.”