Friday, June 7: Shea Diamond

pridefest_milwaukee_sheadiamondShea Diamond debuts on the Miller Lite Mainstage on Friday, June 7.

ShaGaysia “Shea” Diamond is a singer and songwriter from Flint, Michigan.

“I committed a crime in 1999 and was sentenced to 10 years in a men’s prison.  While incarcerated, I began writing ‘I Am Her,’ as a statement to a world that said I shouldn’t exist.  I wrote it as an anthem for all those who felt shunned for simply being who they were.”

“I Am Her” means that no matter how the world treats me, no matter if I’m rejected, accepted, denied or misunderstood, I will continue to live out my truth as Shea Diamond!  It was in losing the world that I found myself and the will to keep living as the woman I am proud to be.”

Shea was discovered in early 2016 by Justin Tranter. Justin, who has evolved from lead singer of glam pop band Semi Precious Weapons, into the writer behind some of the biggest hits of the last two years.

“Diamond belts out a celebration of her identity,” said Time Magazine.  “As an anthem for an ‘outcast,’ this one sticks with you.”

After making the Billboard “Transgender and Non-Binary Musicians You Need to Know” List in 2017, Shea was celebrated by multiple media outlets including Bullett, Paper, OUT and GLAAD.   Shea’s debut EP, “Seen It All,” was released by Asylum Records.

Shea is a passionate advocate and campaigner for LGBTQ rights.

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