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Sunday, June 9: Judas Joe Manson at PrideFest Milwaukee

Sunday, June 9: Judas Joe Manson

pridefest_milwaukee_judasjoemansonJudas Joe Manson returns to the Dance Pavilion Sunday, June 9.

Gaga fans rejoice! L.A.’s biggest Monster — Little Big Monster, that is — Judas Joe Manson is back!

The premier Lady Gaga “embodier” is bringing Enigma to PrideFest Milwaukee, a recreation of Lady Gaga’s new Las Vegas residency show.

Judas is best known for her Lady Gaga recreation concerts, which last anywhere from 15-45 minutes. Judas does everything from the Bloody Paparazzi VMA performance to the Super Bowl. Find her best work on YouTube.  She recreates every body movement, every breath, every hair slip, grin and dance.

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