Revamped Dance Company showcases hip hop style

pridefest_milwaukee_revamped_danceRevamped Dance Company performs all weekend long at the Dance Pavilion.

The mission of Revamped Dance Company is to foster a strong and serious hip-hop dance community that serves as an outlet for Milwaukee-Area dancers to devote their otherwise idle time to developing a dance style, learning how to hone their natural talents, and foster their dance creativity.

Our goal for this company is to showcase our idea of what “raw hip hop” is in Milwaukee.

This┬ácompany as a whole has been established since 2006 (formally as Remix Dance Company). Therefore, since we are long term veterans in the Milwaukee dance community, we want to integrate our dated ideas and “revamp” them with what we have experienced since coming out of our hiatus recently.

We are also a multi-disciplined company but we want to expand on our process of movement by utilizing alternate dance styles within our “Milwaukee hip-hop style.” As part of our mission as well, we want to find and exploit the talent Milwaukee has to offer and give them the opportunity to inspire them to to chase after what they desire through hard work and dedication.

This company wants every dancer to be the proof to our audience that this is possible.

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