The carnival is coming to PrideFest Milwaukee!

pridefest_milwaukee_dinderbrothersDinder Brothers’ Circus de Freaks is a live stage show featuring circus, sideshow, fire, comedy, magic, acrobatics, aerial arts and more.

Dinder Brothers has the pleasure of entertaining you Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  They’ll be flying high and lighting up the stage as the hottest DJs play for you in the Dance Pavilion!

On Sunday, we are proud to bring you our full stage show with some of the hottest talent the Midwest has to offer.

  • Claira Bell is an award winning sideshow and circus artist who calls Milwaukee home. She got her start with Dead Mans carnival and has since traveled the United States, performing with Blue Moon Circus, Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow and independently.
  • Steve Kim is an accomplished fire artist based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. You can see him at numerous fire and flow festivals around the United States as a featured performer (Hello Bonnaroo).
  • Neimo is a Milwaukee native who now calls Philadelphia home. He has been performing his passion of dance, contortion, drag and aerial arts since he could walk. Come on out and watch him bend your mind and his body.
  • Avi is the one-man show.  After traveling and performing in Canada, Europe and the United States,  he is now bringing his act back home. A celebrated dancer, aerialist and acrobat, he will be sure to amaze you all weekend long.
  • Elle Cammarano spends her days soaring high in the sky as a prominent aerialist and aerial instructor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can see her on stage with Dead Man’s Carnival year-round as their feature aerialist and side show performer. This June you can see her featured as your high-flying femme fatal.
  • April Choi has a list of credits to her name a mile long. From her multiple world records, to her viral video (Janga Whip Cracking), she has been astounding audiences around the world. You may have seen her last year performing in “The Greatest Showman” (yes, THAT Greatest Showman) and this year you can see her performing for you on Sunday in the Queer Carnival.

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