Sunday, June 9: T REX’s Chicago Drag Show

pridefest_milwaukee_trannikarexT REX leads a spectacular show of Chicago drag superstars Sunday, June 9 at the Dance Pavilion.




PrideFest Milwaukee welcomes four Chicago favorites to the stage:




The sparkliest drag king in the Midwest!

Tenderoni is a high energy dancing king inspired by 90s TV and cartoons.

And they’re also a snack!

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Aunty Chan

pridefest_milwaukee_auntychanAunty Chan is a Chicago-based drag queen, comedian and producer.

When she’s not “dancing” at Drag Matinee or being an idiot at Plot Twist, she is conjuring up digital content to make her more viral than the clap.

Her digital work includes “Aunty Chan’s Vari-tea Show” as well as her Ru-Cap webseries “IMHO with Chan and Dixie” on YouTube. Her comedic performances are creative, inspirational, revolutionary, heart-felt, adjectives, so on and so forth.

Take your dollar bills out and pelt her down with them, it’s Aunty Chan!

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Bambi Banks-Couleè

pridefest_milwaukee_bambibankscouleeBambi Banks- Couleè is the newest member of Maison Couleè.

With her dance background and extensive theatre knowledge, she always brings a high energy performance with strength and a purpose.

She is part of many casts in Chicago such as Drag Matinee, Black Girl Magic and Fabitat. She also hosts her own shows, including Sister/Sister and Omg!

In her free time, she works with A Queer Pride to produce nightlife events for the queer community in Chicago. She is so excited to share her talents with PrideFest Milwaukee!

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pridefest_milwaukee_denaliDenali is Chicago’s fierce Latin dance queen hailing all the way from Alaska.

She is the winner of cycle 21 of Crash Landing and a regular at some of Chicago’s biggest shows like Drag Matinee, XYZ at Roscoe’s, Sunday Social and many others.

As a professional figure skater outside of her drag life, she is no stranger to dancing and putting on a great show!

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