Saturday, June 8: Synymata

pridefest_milwaukee_synymataSynymata plays the Dance Pavilion on Saturday, June 8.

Synymata’s brand is based around a magnetic mask concept that flips between an orange and purple face.

His background is in mechanical engineering and he used those skills to conceptualize, design, and fabricate the mask. The purple mask represents a darker more sinister sound that’s head in his tracks Petrify and The Future, while his orange mask represents his lighter, more pop like sounds found in his track Legends and his remix of Dreamer.

His incredibly diverse sound pulls influences from experimental trap, to future bass, and mid- tempo.

His most recent track “The Future” which he released on Synesthesia has received support from artists like Ookay, sikdope, quix, luca lush, blanke,, and also has received support from Spotify on Bass Arcade playlist curated by Austin Kramer. He has also received praise from various blogs of the likes of YourEDM, Run The Trap, EDM Chicago, EDM Tunes, Trap Style, as well as This Song Slaps.

Connect with Synymata on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud.

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