Saturday, June 8: DJ Tylex

pridefest_milwaukee_djtylexDJ Tylex plays Saturday, June 8 at the PrideFest Milwaukee Dance Pavilion.

DJ. Producer.  Hardcore raver. Music enthusiast.  Meet Tyler aka “DJ Tylex” out of Waukesha, Wisconsin!

When not performing, Tyler spends as much time as possible in his studio, creating music and mixing that perfect beat. With nine years of DJing under his belt, he has performed at many events, weddings, clubs, bars and even did radio for over five years. Tyler also spends time promoting his music and on social media for his listeners to enjoy some fresh beats.

For him, it’s about creating that positive vibe atmosphere that gets your feet tapping to a song, regardless of genre, style or tempo. It’s about making the crowd fall into a trance and going into a whole new world of music. Before you know it, you find yourself dancing to a song that brings back a memory or creates a new one to always remember.

Tyler is a firm believer of PLUR, Peace, Love, Unity and Respect in the rave community and it is what holds everyone together when in a room with hypnotic music and positive vibes. When one finds themselves dancing to a song that they never knew about, it’s life changing and he loves seeing his listeners dance and have a great time.

Connect with DJ Tylex at Facebook and Soundcloud.