Friday, June 7: Marcus Angel

pridefest_milwaukee_marcusangelMarcus Angel performs Friday, June 7 at the Dance Pavilion.

“Intuitive set that takes you on a creative journey through a variety of eras and genres that’s guaranteed to keep the party entertained and jumping.”

Born and raised in the urban landscapes of Milwaukee, Marcus Angel’s musical influences ranged from 70s funk,
80s Top 40, 90s Hip Hop, House, and Alternative Rock.

Immersed in the live music scene as a young man, Marcus Angel understood the hard work, discipline, and showmanship that came with being a high end performer. The transition from live music to a DJ began in his early twenties where he produced club mixes for a variety of venues in the 2000s. Though he excelled in that area of music, Marcus took a break, then re-entered the scene a handful of years later as a live bar and nightclub DJ.

Since then, Marcus has made noise in dozens of Cities and States in the U.S. Though night clubs and bars are his typical evenings, he has an extensive resume in corporate and private events, has performed at a variety of parties hosted by NFL players, Milwaukee Bucks and house name organizations, and has opened for marquee EDM artists.

In Milwaukee, WI, Marcus Angel’s home base, no venue is unfamiliar with his delicate and intuitive sets that blend a variety of musical genres to form an evening of energy, excitement and dance that everyone is sure to enjoy! Not only does his music set standards, but his attention to detail, work ethic, and dedication to his residencies is unparalleled.

“I take my job very seriously. I don’t take the opportunities I have to perform in front of an audience for granted; I embrace the responsibility I have to the club and my dance floor on any given night. I’m blessed and fortunate to be able to express myself using the cornucopias amount of music I have lived though.”

“With that experience I’m able to deliver a set that appropriately fits the vibe and personality of the venue, while being explosively entertaining and unique for the dance floor.”

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