BoyToy Chicago brings on the male burlesque

pridefest_milwaukee_boytoychicagoBoyToy Chicago will perform Friday, Saturday and Sunday at PrideFest Milwaukee’s Dance Pavilion.

Immerse yourself in a sensual, cheeky, and all out entertaining experience with one of Chicago’s premier male burlesque troupes, BoyToy Chicago.

BoyToy Chicago was created in response to the growing regular cast of Boy Toy’s Pocket Cabaret, a male burlesque and variety revue that has been occurring monthly in Chicago for over 4 years.

Their productions feature their regular troupe of performers as well as alternating guests; all of local, national, and international prestige. With group productions that are intimate yet high-energy, male-centric and oozing with music, dance, acrobatics, circus arts, drag performance, cabaret singing, and many other artistic forms of entertainment, BoyToy captivates audiences of all genders, orientations, and walks of life.

As a company, they focus on empowerment and innovation, development of the art of male presenting burlesque and performance art as a whole, as well as bringing new performers into the arena.

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