Friday, June 7: DJ Sushi Lor

pridefest_milwaukee_djsushilorDJ Sushi Lor, winner of the 2019 Female DJ Battle, performs Friday, June 7 at the Dance Pavilion.

Sushi Lor is an inevitable international and touring DJ.

She was born in Thailand and has branded her own name by DJing in numerous cities and countries, including Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Charlotte, and Ghana, Africa.

She has been DJing for nearly a decade with a variety of countless shows and has been recruited by the World Famous CORE DJs. Her taste in music includes Hip Hop, R&B, Top 40, EDM and House music.

“Music is such a universal culture that creates diversity, unity and enjoyment all within one place. I love djing and mixing records that bring an unforgettable experience to my audience,” said DJ Sushi Lor.

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