Sunday, June 10: Hellcat Amazons

Hellcat Amazons perform on the Milwaukee Record Stage Sunday, June 10 at 6:15 p.m.

Hellcat Amazons is a Standup comedy showcase featuring female/non-binary/queer comics. Based in Milwaukee, WI, Hellcat Amazon has had performers from Chicago to New York and L.A.

Hellcat Amazon is produced and hosted by Carly Malison.



Carly Malison
Carly Malison is a comedian based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she tackles the tough issues in life, like her mother and surviving the drunkest city in the world.

Along with performing all over Wisconsin and Illinois, Carly is the reigning champ of Caste of Killers Snark Madness Competition, has opened for Steve-O (Jackass) and performed in many festivals including the Milwaukee Comedy Festival and Gilda Radner’s Laughfest in Grand Rapids, MI.



Cynthia Marie
Cynthia Marie began her comedy career in Philadelphia before she burst onto the Madison, WI comedy scene as a stand-up and producer of sketch shows and stand-up showcases.

Cynthia’s comedy can be compared to everything you would want to delete from your internet history. She explores her heritage, identity, and her public urges. Watching her is like witnessing a therapy session and having a late night pillow talk all in one!

Cynthia has performed in New York Sketch Fest, Great Spirit Comedy Festival, Del Close Marathon, Black Friday Comedy Marathon, and produces Madison Comedy Week in her hometown.


Brittany Tilander
Brittany Tilander moved up to Madison, WI from Kansas City, MO three years ago. A year into her adventure up north, she finally decided to “give this comedy thing a go,” and she’s been crushing it since.

In the two years she’s been in the scene, she has been making a name for herself, traveling to Milwaukee regularly and even to her old stomping grounds in KC. She hosts a monthly Story Slam at Johnson Public House and she is the newest addition to The Late Early Show as a writer and performer.

Brittany has performed with Nate Craig and Michelle Biloon and has performed at The Comedy Club on State opening for Marty DeRosa, Ian Bagg, and Noah Gardenswartz.

Rita Landis
Rita is from Milwaukee and can be found most weekends at ComedySportz, making up crazy things. Recently, she has been performing long-form improv with the duo Waiting Room at Mojo Dojo comedy. During the day, she works in marketing and goes to meetings with her laptop.





Shannon Noll
Shannon Noll is a stand-up comedian based out of Chicago, IL.

They have opened for Matt Braunger, Beth Stelling, Emma Willmann, and Cameron Esposito, performed all over the city and the country including CYSK (Chicago and LA), Lincoln Lodge (Chicago), Comedy Corner Underground (Minneapolis, MN – headliner), SF Sketchfest, and Limestone Comedy Festival (Bloomington, IN).

Shannon’s comedy is based on their experiences, ranging from working as a chicken wing delivery driver to life as a genderqueer adult often mistaken for a little boy. Their performance style is rooted in years of improv and sketch experience, and they bring playfulness to otherwise serious subjects.

Shannon is often described as extremely likable and this has been proven by the fact that Shannon gets away with talking about top surgery in small towns across the Midwest.

Maya May

Maya May was voted “Most Likely to Make the Yearbook Famous” and she’s still not famous which is probably all you need to know. Her credits include: Comedy Bar, Laugh Factory, Chicago Underground Comedy, and the Lincoln Lodge.

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