Sunday, June 10: Furry Masquerade Dance Party

Join the Furry Masquerade Dance Party on Sunday, June 10 at 12 p.m. at the Dance Pavilion.

Locals DJ Bliz and DJ SKRAT will be mixing it up at the Furry Masquerade Dance Party, while local fursuit performers dance and perform.

Kilian Kray (AKA) SKRAT Kangaroo is a fursuit performer from the world-renowned Furry Fandom. Kilian has performed at PrideFest for the past four years. He has been DJing and fursuit performing since the age of 13.

SKRAT Kangaroo is an alien space kangaroo from the planet Saturn. He brings smiles and joy to the public with his wild antics on YouTube and amazing Performances with NEON Wonderland across the country.

Tristan Barnes, a.k.a. Sundance Fox, is a fursuit performer and DJ who only has been performing with PrideFest Milwaukee for the past 4 years and makes his PrideFest debut as a DJ this year. His mixing will keep you moving and grooving to the beat all day or all night long. He has played at Club Sotto in Madison with DJB, and plays and performs across the country with Neon Wonderland Paint Party.

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