The PrideFest Dance Team is ready — are you?

See the PrideFest Milwaukee Dance Team all weekend at the Dance Pavilion.

The PrideFest Pavilion Dance Team started as a small group of dedicated professional and go-go dancers nine years ago who wanted to entertain their community during the dance party at Milwaukee PrideFest.

The team has grown exponentially, with members traveling from all over the state to be a part of the production. The dancers spend hundreds of hours collaborating, rehearsing and creating custom costumes to put on the very best show they can for their community.

PrideFest is a celebration of the LGBTQ community and the diversity within the community, and the PrideFest Pavilion Dance Team is dedicated to being a part of that celebration and representing that diversity from the members themselves to the dances they perform. They have performed Jazz, Hip-hop, Contemporary, Afro-Caribbean, and many other styles of dance. And, of course, what they are known for the crowding pleasing go-go-ing.

2018 Team:

Choreographer: Wanyah Frazier
Team Managers: Sarah Lynn and Emma Lynn
Assistant: Andrea Elizabeth

PrideFest Pavilion Dance Team:
Eli Krause
Tommy Franecki
Alina Matuszewski
Becca Jastroch
Jamal Keyon Perry
Jimmy Khun
Lizzie Marie
Mason Fox
Noa H Simone
Torry Lynn
Tyler Junk
Zoe Skroch
Dailen Harries
David Corcoran
Chancie Star
Chistiano Vango
Kyle Hayes
Jo Niswonger