Sunday, June 10: Spoken Word Showcase

Experience poetry, pride and progressive women at the Spoken Word Showcase on Sunday, June 10 at 6:00 p.m. at the Wom!nz Spot Lounge.


Angel and Jenny Z

Spiritual and authentic, Angel Z speaks from the heart. With her love of life, spirit, and body, Angel expresses a passion for humanity through her writing. Pounding the pavement through the process of poetry, she paints pictures with words that highlight PRIDE for future generations.

Jenny Z is an eclectic performer whose poetry might rain hellfire for those deserving of a swift tongue lashing or it may project peace, harmony and cheer you right the fuck up. Jenny writes just about anything but finds the most therapeutic relief comes from the angry haikus she spews at all of Milwaukee’s bad drivers.



Deolinda Abstrac
Whether she’s on the stage or on the page, Ms. Deolinda Abstrac creates such an intimate atmosphere with her poetry and her pieces that it feels like she’s speaking directly to you. Her poetry performance represents womanhood, body positivity, and self-awareness. Destiny “DeolindaAbstrac” Fletcher has developed a continuous relationship with Pridefest’s Wom!nz Spot Lounge as this will be her 3rd performance prior to previous showcases.


Sam the Poet.  Sam is a veteran on the Wom!nz spot stage, first appearing in 2016. This will be her final poetry performance in Milwaukee before she moves to New York City to study poetry at graduate school. Sam has established herself as a poet in the Milwaukee community by appearing at open mics, including a feature at PENtastic in 2016. She created her own poetry showcase on Body Love in May 2016 and was also part of femFEST in 2017. She will be publishing her first collection of poems (entitled “Butterflies”) this October.


Linetta Davis is a doctoral student in the school of education at Northcentral University. Her research seeks to identify effective strategies that motivate adolescents in urban turnaround schools to increase their engagement in academics and decrease negative behaviors that detract from the learning environment. Linetta believes that along with her passion for education, her talents as an author, actress, and playwright give her the tools to empower young people and her community to create the change that we’ve been waiting for. She is the author of a memoir, “Honey and Vinegar” that deals with the loss of her beloved father, and has written 3 plays, the third of which “The End of Hope”, a play dealing with the issue of domestic violence, is currently in production.


Lilo Allen

LILO ALLEN is a full-time creative and Capricorn. Her spoken word reflects her experiences as a plus-size, Black woman from the Northside of Milwaukee. Though known for her sense of humor and Facebook updates, Lilo’s tongue doubles as a sword. her greatest weapon. Her work captures audiences with its relatability, vulnerability, and
unapologetic honesty. Be sure to check out her line of culturally-conscious jewelry, Papyrus & Charms, and also keepan eye out! Her first publication, titled “Coffee & Other Addictions,” is coming soon! 🙂




LLCoolDaya is a full-time student and mental health advocate who feels her purpose is to spread love and life. “I’m a poet, just don’t quote it”. -LLCoolDaya



Unique Russ

Unique Russ is a Writer, Poet, Performer, Hostess, Teacher, Lover, and creator of vibrations. Walking in the path of
the universe, she pours her stories into others souls in hopes that they will return the favor. From adults to youth she
stands to be the voice for the unheard. All while spreading love!