Saturday, June 9: Corky Morgan

Corky Morgan returns to the Miller Lite Mainstage on Saturday, June 9.

Corky Morgan is one of Milwaukee’s very own Rock Stars. He has a voice that some have compared to legends. This award-winning singer has touched thousands of lives over the years, yet he is grateful for each experience.

Corky’s artistry has been shared on and off many stages for over 30 years. Throughout his entertaining career, he has embraced the power of music and what it means to so many. Music is his tool to bring a smile, calm a fear, make a soul dance, or comfort a sad heart.

Corky Morgan is best known for his R&B renditions of songs he’s covered. Although this is his favorite genre, he has dabbled in a wide range of styles from country to opera. During his 22 plus years of performing at Milwaukee’s PrideFest events, Corky has shared stages with local artists such as Singsational Productions, WCCC, WVM, Yolanda Roth and many more. Other notable appearances include The Big Night Out, Twin Cities Pride, Miller Stadium, The Bradley Center, and Turner Hall.

Corky has also recorded music in both Nashville, Tennessee & Minneapolis, Minnesota. From fundraising to directing, Corky lends his expertise and talents to many organizations and events. He has shared, taught and learned a lot along the way.

Corky looks forward to returning to the PrideFest celebration to repay some of the love he has received from so many.

Connect with Corky Morgan on Twitter.