Friday, June 8: Abby Jeanne

Award-winning local artist Abby Jeanne plays the Milwaukee Record Stage on Friday, June 8.

A product of a haunted jukebox and the golden heart degenerates. Nothing beats writing the narrative for the cosmic radio and thriving off of the lust for life.

Dreams, schemes and traveling the world. It’s rock and roll for the dreamer’s soul. Every note feels like a sanctified connection echoing into the chambers of heartache and passion. This spirit is made from the fire of rebellion, and the desire to spread it wild.

Though my character may translate as a one with rigid strength and angst, in truth, it is just the golden armor of a powerful woman who fights fear with courage head on.  Love is the key and music is my language. With this tool, I hope to heal and translate the traumas of our lives.

It’s rock and roll for the dreamer’s soul.

-Abby Jeanne


“Milwaukee wailer Abby Jeanne has a robust, jazzy voice that rivals the greats—Ella, Amy, even Janis—and her solo debut Rebel Love delights in showing off every facet of it. It often plays like a talent reel, shuffling through bluesy torch songs, moody trip-hop experiments and unhinged rockers, the constant thread being Jeanne’s go-for-broke determination and her refusal to let the world wear her down. What an absolute thrill it is hearing a singer this powerful just cut loose, free of any genre restraints.” – Shepherd Express, Best Albums of 2017

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