Friday, June 8: The Upside

The Upside plays the Wom!nz Spot on Friday, June 8.

Milwaukee based acoustic duo, The Upside, is a rush of heart-felt indie-alternative melodies.

Samantha Jansen created The Upside in 2014 which was collectively made of at-home recordings and self-made EPs. Over time, The Upside has consisted of various artists until late 2016 when independent artist, Danielle Jordan, joined the group.

Known for their vocal harmonies and infectious lyrics, the duo started to gain momentum in early 2017 with a line-up of local shows in Milwaukee and Madison.

In 2017, The Upside completed studio recordings under Radmond Media debuting their official EP, The Love We Think We Deserve. The duo plans to self-release their 2017 EP later this year.   They are scheduled to play LGBTQ-friendly festivals throughout 2018.

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