Saturday, June 9: Comedy Showcase

The Comedy Showcase takes place at the Wom!nz Spot on Saturday, June 9.

Dana Ehrmann

Dana Ehrmann first tried stand-up as a student at Carthage College in Kenosha, and has been self-deprecating and discussing sort-of-but-not-quite-adulthood on stage ever since.

Now based in Milwaukee, she has performed at the Cream City Comedy Festival and Great Spirit Comedy Festival and opened for Hari Kondabolu, Charlie Berens, and Sean Patton.

She’s also sorry she hasn’t watched that TV show you recommended, but she just has, like, a lot going on right now.


Vickie Lynn

Vickie Lynn is a self-proclaimed narcissistic comedian from Beloit, WI in her 6th year of comedy. This mother and grandmother has been making people laugh all over the Midwest. Over the last 5 years, she has opened for Kevin McCaffrey, kissed Marlon Wayans, and has been apart of Lady Laughs Comedy Festival 2016/2017 and is currently on the Lady Laughs Comedy Tour, I love Funny Women. She has also been in local films and plays, has done voiceover work, and has even produced and hosted 2 radio shows on WADR 103.5 FM.

Her boisterous, brash, brave, and boobylicious humor has made her a fan favorite wherever she roams.

You can follow her everywhere on social media @ Vickie Lynns Universe and home if the price is right!


Vanessa (Pants) Tortolano

Vanessa has been slinging funnies since she was old enough to talk back. Involved with theatre and the stage since the age of 5, Vanessa has just begun the practice of stand-up comedy within the last few years.

She has been a regular performer with Madison’s Monkey Business Institute since 2011.

A stunningly talented, exceedingly functional, yet bizarre person, Vanessa is a feisty mother of four teenagers and one of the co-founding owners of NessAlla Kombucha.

Connect with Vanessa on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

La Bomba

La Bomba has been performing, promoting, and producing comedy and variety shows for the last 11 years.

When not handing away free appliances on stage, La Bomba can be seen stashing leftover pancakes in her back pockets. In between carb breaks and whiskey hibernation, La Bomba joins her pack as Mama Cougar for the only all-female variety troupe in the Midwest for women over 35 called “Les Cougars”.

If burlesque, comedy, free appliances, and variety entertainment isn’t your thing, you can spot her at your local airport trying to snag duty-free rum and stuff. She is a mom (she thinks), works for the man, and spends her days seeking validation and baked goods without raisins.


Brittany Tilander

Brittany Tilander doesn’t give one good god damn what you think and this confidence is carrying her everywhere she wants to go. Her sharp humor and vulnerable stories manage to toe the line between chaste and bawdy but leave you doubled over and cackling. She hosts a Strip-Storytelling Showcase, “Body Language” and is a writer and performer in the sketch comedy group The Late Early Show. Regularly traveling across the Midwest she has also performed at The Comedy Club on State opening for Marty DeRosa, Ian Bagg and Noah Gardenswartz.







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