Queerlesque Showcase Friday June 8

Queerlesque: A Burlesque-Filled Evening celebrating glitter, gender expression, and seduction galore!

Friday, June 8

Wom!nz Spot

A raucous romp of tease and gender deviants! Join us as masters of the strip from the 5 most prideful corners of Wisconsin tempt, delight, and question the foundation of everything you’ve ever known as sexy! Hosted by the no-nonsense, all-sass Mama No Sh*ts from Madison’s own ‘Sunday Bumday’, this showcase promises something to surprise everyone in the Wom!nz Spot first-ever burlesque showcase!
No Binary, No Norms, No Moar Pants!

Afrodisiac Slays


Her sensuality and black girl magic will show you the TRUE meaning of Afrodisiac. This June marks her year and a half anniversary of burlesque performing.

Her passion lies in the creation of visibility for women of color, as well as visibility for curvy women. She currently teaches sex dance classes to help women become more comfortable with their sexuality, their bodies, and inspiring them to love their inner and physical selves.





Bella Morte

is a Wisconsin based queer performer and artist, with a longstanding love for dance and an affinity for the macabre. Founding member of CSB troupe, choreographer, and one half of the dark & dynamic duo the Hot Dammes.

Bella has been creating the strange they want to see in the world, one heart-on at a time!

Hot Dammes: A Midwest duo of curvy queer artists with an affinity for dance and a desire to entice. With their penchant for the dark and unique, they are driven to create, inspire, and occasionally give you the chills. Bella is one of the founding members and Nautica an instructor, both belong to and create for Certified Sexy troupe in Wisconsin, the largest burlesque troupe in the Midwest. With over a combined decade of dance between them, they paired up to bring their sass and sultry to the stage in 2015 and have been loving every minute since.


FACEBOOK -Hot Dammes



Breezy Blue

Wisconsin’s Guilty Pleasure

Breezy Blue has been on the burlesque stage for 2.5 years. She/They co-produced the 2016 Wisconsin Burlesque Festival in Madison. She/They are a gender-queer feminist pothead who couldn’t have gotten help from the love and support of her cat, Cici.






Elle Mae

has been a sex-positive advocate and romance resource for twelve years.  She is the director of the award-winning troupe, Certified Sexy Burlesque. She has directed & performed in hundreds of fashion, modeling and burlesque shows.  She loves lingerie, fetish gear, and puppies.



Instagram:  ellemae_love






Mama No Shits

She’s a gender fluid performer and emcee with an unapologetically ridiculous and fun style. With an extensive background in theatre and cabaret, she isn’t afraid to give you all the weird feels.

With 5 invisible illnesses, Mama also works to promote inclusivity and accommodation through Burlesque! She is one of the Executive Producers and resident Emcee for Sunday Bumday Burlesque Revue held the 3rd Sunday of each month at Nomad World Pub in Madison, WI.

The Mary Poppins of not giving a fuck, it’s Mama No Shits



Melani Khandroma

She’s gonna have you caught in her gaze…and she’s not letting go!

Dark and Mysterious…strange and sensual…Madison Wisconsin’s Powerhouse Puerto Rican Burlesque performer Melani Khandroma tips fortune in favor of you. Having studied classical burlesque under Headmistress Bella Blue at the New Orleans school of burlesque, Melani Fuses together elements of their Puerto Rican culture and Latinx flair for a fiery display of raw sensuality leaving you hungry for more!

Recipient of the Best Choreography award at the 10th annual Bartell theater awards 2017. You can also find Melani Khandroma as Madison Wisconsin’s Casanova Drag King Anthony SAVAGE who competed in the world’s first online king competition (season 1)King Me and performed at Wisconsin’s largest LGBT+ fundraiser, Big Night out 2017.





Mercury Stardust

Mercury Stardust (The Ambassador of Cheese & Tease) is a burlesque performer, instructor, emcee, and producer. Bringing 12 years of performing experience to the stage, using his background as a clown, puppeteer, and an actor to make for a unique live experience.

He received a BA in Performance Arts at Edgewood College, Madison WI and got his start as a professional cabaret performer for the national touring show “Chez Bouche’: A Bawdy Blend of Comedy & Dance”.   In 2013 started his burlesque career and quickly made an impact in the Wisconsin Burlesque Community. Earning the titles of 2014 King of Iowa Burlesque Festival and the 2015 Wisconsin Burlypics Regional Champion. In 2015 He founded the Wisconsin Burlesque Association and became the executive producer of the Wisconsin Burlesque Festival. He was also the host of the popular podcast “The Art of Burlesque” on the Littlepodcast.com network. In 2017 Mercury appeared and competed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender in the category of “Best of Boylesque” in Las Vegas. With his vaudeville-style performances, Mercury has entertained audiences in 22 States and in over a 100 cities.

As an instructor and mentor, Mercury has helped over 20 performers to make their stage debuts.  He has now produced over 35 burlesque shows in the state of Wisconsin. Since May of 2016 Mercury has been running a monthly show called “Mercury Stardust’s Strip & Shout” at Five Nightclub in Madison, Wisconsin.

2014 Windy City Burlesque Festival, 2014 Iowa Burlesque Festival, 2015 Southern Fried Burlesque Festival, 2015 Wisconsin Burly-pics Regionals, 2015 Burlypics National Championship (Los Angeles, CA), 2016 Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, 2016 Wisconsin Male Burlesque Festival, 2017 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender.





Nautica de la Lustre

Nautica has been doing Burlesque for over 4 years. She choreographs and teaches classes with Certified Sexy Burlesque. Is one half of the Hot Dammes. She is just as Sweet as she is Sea Salty.. Nautica De la Luster.


Photo credit: Mick McKiernan



Reina Fire

This curvy beauty is a regular cast member of the Brew City Bombshells as well as the co-founder of The Cream City Cabaret! Her stunning face, voluptuous body and eclectic vintage style will leave you at the edge of your seats!

From saucy latin dances to terrifying acts of zombie rage, there’s no telling what she will do next! One thing for sure… Reina will always light your fire!


She’s from South of the border but she’ll make your compass point North!

Queerlesque: Not your Cishet Cousin Carrie’s Strippin ‘ Show

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