Hip Hop Showcase Saturday June 9 Wom!nz Spot


MaDee Lopez



The Wom!nz Spot at PrideFest Milwaukee is pleased to welcome the winner of the Urban Community Arts Network (UCAN)2017 Madison Hip Hop  Radio Personality of the Year Award, MaDee Lopez to its stage as HOST of the 2018 Hip Hop Showcase.

María “MaDee” López, is a dynamic professional, and a strong advocate of Hip Hop culture, and community. With her experience in higher education, business, and in multimedia, she is currently splitting her time between serving as an On-Air Personality for 93.1 Jamz as well as a Promotions Coordinator, Website Designer, and Social Media Marketing for La Movida Radio 94.5FM /1480AM.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Arts and Acoustics from Columbia College Chicago (2006), she served as an Assistant Recording Engineer at Pressure Point Recording Studios in Chicago, IL working with such artists like Michelle Williams, Crucial Conflict, Timbaland, as well as local artists.

MaDee joined the first Executive Board of the Latino Professionals Association of Greater Madison (LPA) in 2014, to help move the Latino population forward in Dane County. She served as the VP of Multimedia until 2016.

Catch MaDee every Saturday from 10 AM – 2 PM on the Station with the Most Music in Madtown93.1 Jamz!!!



 DJ Annalog 

Annalog [Calesta] is a Milwaukee-based DJ who in just a few short years has made a name for herself in the Milwaukee electronic music scene. She originally started DJing hip-hop open mics, where she found a passion for turntablism that is still implemented in her sets today. Her beatmatching, scratching, and fun new blends keep the crowd on their toes at every show.

After her first year, she ventured into the club scene and loved finding ways to pull the two (hip-hop and electronic music) together.

You can find her every weekend at local venues providing a top notch, energetic set. When you’re in the clubs or even at a private party, you know you’ll have a good time when Annalog is providing the soundtrack. Her sets include a wide variety of genres including the hottest new hip-hop tracks, intense trap remixes, and nostalgic throwbacks. Website , FacebooInstagram: @annalog_mke


Juke Marciano

is a female hip-hop artist or as she would put it “Spitter” from Milwaukee, WI. Juke has been recording music for over 10yrs with 6 projects under her belt including her latest EP Holy Daughter, now Available on all streaming sites! Her love for the origins of real hip hop influences her sound and delivery.

Juke stays true to her artistry by continually challenging herself against her idols, perfecting her craft and accepting the many evolutions of becoming a dope emcee!  Holy Daughter Fan Page

Holy Daughter EP Links; https://tidal.com/album/86438108http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1364165714




A native of Milwaukee, WI, kEwii brings a soulful essence and honest approach to her music. She has combined her ability to sing and rap to create a sound that is both original as well as delightfully familiar. She writes her music to purposefully display her versatility. An unsigned artist striving to make a legendary mark in the music industry, she has evolved from raw talent into undiscovered musical genius. kEwii is currently preparing for the release of a currently untitled project as she has been absent from the local scene for the past two years following personal struggles, losses and a strong desire to bring her sound and vision full circle. The release date of that project has yet to be determined but has been set for late June, early July 2018. kEwii is a breed of artist, rare in ability and nearly extinct in this existing music industry. She has a strong belief in God first, herself as well as her music and plans to share her message and vision with the world!


Kilo SkitL’z

Akiya Q. Alexander, better known as Kilo SkitL’z was born on August 7, 1985, in Evanston, Illinois and raised in Chicago. Her love of R&B/Soul began at a young age having been inspired by her mother.

Her father also opened her ears to the Jazz world, which brought her to become a big fan of saxophonist, Kenny G. However, it was not until Kris Kross smash hit single “Jump” from the “Totally Krossed Out” album; when she first fell in love with Hip-Hop. SkitL’z began to be intrigued by MC Lyte and Queen Latifah.  

She officially picked up the mic in 2010, and was featured on some on tracks with 1neofmani of the BloodLine group, from Peoria, Illinois. In 2012 SkitL’z received her stamp of approval from the group as BloodLine’s 1st Lady. SkitL’z was nominated for “Group of the Year’, “Rookie of the Year”, and “Song of the Year” at the Madison Hip-Hop Awards in November of 2014. She has been working on a collaboration with a local artist in the Madison, WI area.

In June 2015, SkitL’z released mixtape “Watch Your Toes”, and dropped her first video, “Lord Knows” the following month. This led to being named Female Artist of the Year at the Madison Hip Hop Music Awards. One year later she also collab on the mixtape “Stepping On Toes”.  Kilo was featured in 608 Magazine, a local magazine that supports all local ventures in the 608 (Madison, WI) area.

To date, SkitL’z has released 2 mixtapes “Watch Your Toes” and “Stepping On Toes”. Kilo is getting ready to release her solo mixtape “L.I.A.R Living In a Reignbow,” first quarter of 2018




Shle Berry

is a hip-hop artist from Milwaukee, WI, who strives to make music that is relatable and honest; music that entices your emotions.  

She is very versatile on the microphone. She can bring gritty bars that will have you rethinking your life, but can get a hook stuck in your head for days.  Her music can be vulnerable and lyrical, but also melodic and fun. Right now, Shle is working to find her own sound in this saturated industry, while also building up her hometown.



Siddity Gang

Siddity Gangg, Milwaukee’s hottest trap female icons hit the scene in 2015 with there soul touching single “Lost”. After taking a year and half away from releasing music the duo is back like never before.

Siddity, born and raised in the heart of Milwaukee formed a passion for music at a young age. Poetry and rap, next to the love of basketball became an outlet during times of struggle. In 2011, she birthed a beautiful baby girl, and pursued hoop dreams in college in the states of Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, and Tennessee. Never losing the love for music Siddity soon returned to Milwaukee with a new plan.

Siddity Gangg Yatta was born on the west side of Chicago then soon moving to Milwaukee in 2014. The eldest of six siblings she eventually ventured out chasing her own dreams. After forming a love for music the duo met at the same job working in factory and instantly clicked since day one.

The Gangg later linked with Eazy Money Gwap Gang LLC forming a close relationship with Milwaukee’s legendary Eastside LBoog. Currently the team is looking to release a tremendous amount of music and booked to appear at a host of shows.



Taj Raiden

Taj Raiden is a Milwaukee born musician whose genre bleeds between rap, hip-hop, rock, and is interlaced with visceral screams. Taj began making music when she was nine years old as a way to release and transform anxiety and self-doubt into empowerment.

Raiden began performing locally in 2016 at the age of twenty and has since performed nationally at bars, clubs, festivals, galleries, fashion shows, all-ages venues, and LGBTQAI+ summits and conventions. Raiden’s stage name is inspired by the Mortal Kombat character because of his connection to lightning and manipulating energy. Taj demands interaction from the crowd and says:

“If I’m not making you react, then I’m not doing my job.”

Instagram: @tajraiden

Facebook: Taj Raiden
Soundcloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/tajraidenmusic

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