PrideFest Plus One campaign honors Diverse & Resilient

diverseandresilient_pridefest_milwaukeeWhen you Give Plus One this year at PrideFest Milwaukee, you’re changing — and possibly saving — local LGBTQ lives.  

We are proud to announce Diverse & Resilient as the 2018 beneficiary of the PrideFest Plus One campaign.

Founded in 1995, Diverse & Resilient strives to address and overcome the health disparities experienced by Wisconsin’s LGBTQ people.  The organization offers a wide variety of support, advocacy and capability-building programs in six priority areas: acceptance, cultivating leaders, mental health, sexual health, partner & community violence, and substance use.

“Diverse and Resilient is thrilled to be this year’s Plus One campaign charity,” said Gerry Coon, president and CEO of Diverse & Resilient.

diverseandresilient_pridefest_milwaukee“We believe that LGBTQ people are beautiful, loved and worthy just as we are, and we support public policy that recognizes LGBTQ people as deserving of equality and respect.”

“We are on the front lines teaching young people about sexual health, safe dating, and the risks of substance misuse.  We are also on the front lines providing HIV and STI prevention, testing and treatment for sexually active LGBTQ people.  Your support allows us to continue our work in Milwaukee and statewide reducing the health disparities that disproportionality impact LGBTQ people.”

“With every Plus One dollar you donate, you are supporting a healthier LGBTQ community in Wisconsin.”

In 2017, Diverse & Resilient achieved several milestone projects, including:

  • Collaboration with ARCW to open a PrEP clinic for HIV prevention
  • Collaboration with Holton Street Clinic to provide STI treatment services
  • Established Room To Be Safe, a statewide resource line for LGBTQ survivors of violence
  • Trained domestic abuse shelters on the specific needs of LGBTQ clients
  • Initiated transgender community meetings to better serve critical needs

“Access to high-quality, culturally competent healthcare has long been an obstacle for LGBTQ people,” said Michail Takach, Milwaukee Pride vice president of communications.  “This disparity leaves some members of our community  underserved, underrepresented and at risk. With ‘freedom to discriminate’ political rhetoric creeping into national healthcare, the LGBTQ community needs a champion.”

“We believe Diverse & Resilient is that champion for Milwaukee and Wisconsin.”

About PrideFest Plus One 

The PrideFest Plus One campaign invites festival guests to add $1 (or any dollar amount) to their ticket purchase — during online advance sales or at the box office — to support a critical LGBTQ community cause.  For maximum community impact, Milwaukee Pride, Inc. and/or corporate sponsors match all dollars raised by the festival.

Since the program’s inception in 2014, the Plus One campaign has raised over $36,000 to support causes including marriage equality (ACLU of Wisconsin,) LGBTQ youth homelessness (Pathfinders,) survivors of sexual violence (The Healing Center) and inclusive policy protections and programs for Wisconsin’s LGBTQ students (GSAFE.)

Milwaukee Pride, Inc. seeks a corporate sponsor or employee resource group to match this year’s Plus One Campaign proceeds. All donation matching is fully tax-deductible.  Is your company ready to take a stand for local LGBTQ health and wellness?  Contact us at 


  1. We have not been contacted now for the last two years to participate in Pidefest with a booth in this area. Please advise if we are not eligible to be a participant.
    Bim President of GAMMA

    • Michail Takach says:

      Health & Wellness space is available for rental on a first come, first serve basis. Spaces are not automatically renewed from year to year. We have been promoting available space since January, but we do not contact organizations to buy space. If you are interested in renting a space in the Health & Wellness area, please contact us at Thank you.

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