Friday, June 8: Reyna

Reyna performs Friday, June 8 on the Miller Lite Mainstage.

On their new single “Cool With It” Milwaukee-by-way-of-Texas sisters Victoriah and Hannah Gabriela take the sweet indy pop they perfected as Vic and Gab and hone it to a razor edge.

Immediately engaging and shimmering with infectious melodic sheen, the song is a neon-lit, sparking declaration that REYNA has arrived.

In 2011, Victoriah and Hannah recorded “So Long So Tried” on a whim in their basement using Garage Band.  The song found its way to the music supervisors at MTV and wound up being used in the program Skins.

“With vocals that soar like Gwen Stefani’s, REYNA brings in their own brand of electropop. Their energetic attitude and glittering melodies enchant.” – POPULARTV

The sisters released their debut EP Bridges and Guns under the name Vic and Gab in 2011 to adulation by both the mainstream press and blogs. Their 2013 follow up LP Love of Mine (which Spin lauded for its “bubblegum janglers with pliable melodies and soft-edged vocals”) reminded listeners that love is never evil, despite the sometimes-gory details.

They went on the road in support of Love of Mine, opening for the likes of BLEACHERS and Death Cab for Cutie, among others. After showcasing at SXSW they caught the attention of Saiko Management (known for developing Lorde and Parson James), who signed them to a deal.

Ready to write new songs in what felt like a new era, the sisters traveled to L.A. and NYC to collaborate with producers for the first time in their career. This, in turn, changed their approach to songwriting and gave them a new set of creative tools with which to work. After recording a number of songs the sisters decided to give their new sound a new moniker, REYNA.

Co-written with Grammy-nominated producer Drew Pearson (Kesha), and produced by Dan Gibson and Simon Oscroft from FRILLS, “Cool With It” started out as a rough demo, yet once they put lyrics to the melody they knew they had something special. “Usually we start from scratch in the studio,” explains Victoriah, “it was exciting to start with a full track and really work to refine it and make it perfect.” The quartet decamped to The Cave recording studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to record.

Lyrically, “Cool With It” is a sly dig at the dichotomy of the idealized “cool girl” and how she’s an unattainable amalgam of contradiction. “Guys want that ‘cool girl’” laughs Hannah. “One who gets dressed up in a little black dress and heels to sit on the couch and watch football. I’ve caught myself many times trying to fit into the “cool girl” mold. I couldn’t care too much, ask for too much or expect much.  Whoever showed less emotion had the power in the relationship. I wrote this song with all of this in mind. I just don’t feel the need to pretend anymore. I found someone I can be myself with and not be afraid to say, “I’m cool with forever” and genuinely mean it.”

Building gradually from funky minimalism into an explosive mélange of syncopated rhythm twirling around cloying vocals, REYNA and their crew have crafted a track that crackles with the exhilaration usually reserved for the moment when two hearts start to orbit in synchrony. Are you cool with it?

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