Sunday, June 11: Spoken Word Showcase

samthepoet_pridefestmilwaukeeHear these sensational women’s voices at the Wom!nz Spot Cafe on Sunday, June 11 at 5:15 p.m.

Sam the Poet

Sam the Poet is an intern with Still Waters Collective. She’s performed at Riverwest FemFest, multiple open mics, PrideFest 2016, and her own poetry showcase. She has hosted and judged poetry slams in Milwaukee.

Sam also starred in UWM’s 2017 production of The Vagina Monologues.

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Deolinda Abstrac

Destinny Fletcher, also known as Deolinda Abstrac, is a woman with the power to create peace within her community and culture through the phenomenon in her voice.

deolindaabstrac_pridefestmilwaukeeWith Milwaukee, Wisconsin as her hometown, art becomes her sound and her greatest enigma. Working with the youth, Destinny experiences cultural differences and graphic stories. She relates to them heavily and even writes stories, inspired by her students’ presence as a HS Slam League Coach for Still Waters Collective and Mentor (2012-2016).

She was a 2012 State Poetry Slam Finalist and competed in 2013 LTAB (Louder Than A Bomb) College Team Slam. She self-published her first chapbook: “Fireflies & Peroxide” in March 2014 and her new release “Black Girl Be Storm” in May 2016. She performed in “Yetta Young’s Butterfly Confessions” stage play in Milwaukee in November 2015 and June 2017 as the first community production to ever present this play without reader’s theater with MPower Theater.

She has participated as a storytelling Coach for ExFabula, an Actress in UWM Women’s Resource Center Presents : The Vagina Monologues in February 2016 and February 2017, and returned as an actress in MPower Theater for the play “UNTAMED” in July 2016 and October 2016.

From Turner Hall Ballroom to the Broadway Theatre Center, she has been performing her art all over Wisconsin and soon… the country! She will once again share her art through advocacy of womanhood, self-awareness, and body positivity at the Wom!nz Spot at PrideFest 2017!

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Ryder Collins

Ryder Collins has a novel, Homegirl!

Her chapbook, The way the sky was now, won Heavy Feather Review’s first fiction chapbook contest, and she has two chapbooks of poetry, i am hopscotch w/out hop and Orpheus on toast.

Read her blog.

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Banshee is a spoken word and movement troupe comprised of four women with four unique but connected messages.

banshee_pridefestmilwaukeeBanshee came together originally to perform at the 2017 Riverwest FemFest with a message directly inspired by the most recent presidential election.

The work presented is intended to represent those who identify as a woman, and the members of Banshee welcome any critique and suggestion on how to fulfill this intention.




Lilo Allen

Lilo Allen (1)Lilo Allen is a Milwaukee native who got her start performing poetry on UWM’s Lyrical Sanctuary stage as a young teen.

She’s performed in several popular poetry houses over the years, from the famed Apache Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia, to The Ritzy Open Mic in the Brixton borough of London.  She prefers to use real-life events and current social justice issues as her inspiration for her pieces, and only writes when she feels inspired to do so.

When she’s not in front of a microphone, you can find Lilo creating jewelry for her small business, “Papyrus & Charms,” or with her Yorkie son JoJo.





angel_pridefestmilwaukeeAngel is a spoken word poet who believes in the energy of positively speaking life through my art into others.   Her writing reflects love and the beautiful life she has been blessed with.  She thanks God for all the people in her life.

“I am a carefree, goofy individual who laughs at dumb jokes and also doesn’t take life too seriously,” says Angel.





Jenny Z

Jenny Z is an energetic mother to three and a potty-mouthed poet with a passion for love, life and equality.

jennyz_pridefest_milwaukeeShe writes about the things that make her happy, sad,  or angry.  She also weighs in on pivotal fashion concepts such as “fat people can wear leggings too!” ( And she does!)

“I am generally a sweet individual who does no harm to those who harm me except making them the subject of a wicked rhyme,” said Jenny Z.





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