Sunday, June 11: The Dots

thedots_pridefestmilwaukeeThe Dots play Sunday, June 11 at the Wom!nz Spot Lounge.

The Dots are a three-piece rock-and-roll band based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Their lineup consists of guitarist Ann Rakowiecki, singer and bassist Rhonda Lucas & drummer/vocalist Nikki Beckman.

The story of The Dots began in 2005, with a random yet fateful ad placed in a Southeastern Wisconsin music magazine by two friends, operatically trained singer Rhonda Lucas and self-taught guitarist and songwriter Ann Rakowiecki.

The two were interested in forming an all-female rock band, but were in need of a drummer. Their search came to an abrupt end when local drummer Nikki answered the ad.  Despite being strangers previously, the women happened to live only a few miles away from each other.

The chemistry between the three quickly became apparent, and after spending a little bit of time hanging out, they quickly realized they had a unique chemistry as friends. A short time later, they began to rehearse as a band. The trio continued to hone their skills as a group for more than a year before booking their first gig.

The group started by covering songs by their favorite artists, and slowly began to incorporate original songs. This year, The Dots released their first album.  Listen now.

In a little more than a decade, The Dots have built a strong reputation for themselves as a fun, high-energy all-female rock band.  The Dots have been featured as part of the SheRocks Wisconsin concert series, as part of the local talent lineup of PrideFest Milwaukee, Taste of Wisconsin Festival and have also performed on stage at well-known Milwaukee venues Shank Hall & The Up & Under, in addition to numerous venues across the Midwest.

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