Saturday, June 10: Hip Hop Showcase

Check out these powerful female performers at the Wom!nz Spot Cafe from 9:00 to 11:30 p.m.!

DJ Annalog

annalog_pridefestmilwaukeeDJ Annalog is your host for the Hip Hop Showcase.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Annalog has been performing in Pride events for the past 3 years. As a part of the LGBTQ community, this is her favorite time of year!  She has strong roots in hip hop and R&B, and is usually seen at bars and clubs around the city.

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Lyl Kea

lylkea_pridefestmilwaukeeThe Midwest is all abuzz with the emergence of new age millennial rap artist Khiante, also known as Lyl Kea.

This rap phenom entered into the music world with the successful release of her first debut mixtape “Do This (explitive) 4 Fun” which has gained over 70,000 combined digital streams and over 20,000 downloads.

“I just really was inspired by my cousin to start rapping because he bought some studio equipment from a friend who lost his money in a dice game, so we have been recording music ever since”, states Khiante.

Khiante landed a tour slot along side fellow Milwaukee rap artist Destinee Lynn where they toured 13 states which started March 3rd 2017 in Canton, Ohio and ended March 18 2017 in Austin, Texas.  Khiante released her second mixtape “Going Direct With It,” hosted by Dj Legacy,  on April 29, 2017.  Find it on Mymixtapes, Spinrilla, Soundcloud, & Datpiff .

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Shle Berry

Shle Berry is a female recording artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

ShleBerryShle is very versatile on the microphone.  She can bring gritty bars that’ll have you rethinking your life, but can reel you in on a catchy hook that gets stuck in your head for days.

Her music can be vulnerable and lyrical, but also melodic and fun. She strives to make music that is relatable and honest; music that entices your emotions.  She’s working to find her own sound in this saturated industry and hopes to gain some love and respect from her creative peers.

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Jmae is an Ohio born artist, songwriter and recording engineer.

JMAEAt an early age, Jmae realized music was the only place she felt at home.  She decided to attend Full Sail University to obtain her degree in Recording Arts, after which she began recording and mixing in her own home studio.   She credits this hands on approach as the gift and the curse allowing her to find and shape herself as an artist sonically.

“Looking back on it, I always knew what direction I wanted to go in as an artist, but being that punchlines and metaphors were what drew listeners in to me in the first place, I was scared to step outside of that box,” she explains.  “It wasn’t until a series of life changing events put me in a space where I felt that dying had to be easier then whatever I was doing at the time. I speak to anybody who can relate to that. From that space, emerged the Jmae that you hear today.”

” I’m able to just put it all in my music.The fun, The fear, The pain and most importantly,The love.”

Jmae’s message is simple.. Live through love. She gives and receives that love everywhere she goes through her music, whether it’s a live performance, public speaking engagement, or just sharing the love of music with like minded individuals. Over the last few years, Jmae has performed at various festivals and clubs throughout the Midwest and in New York.

In late 2014 she began working towards on a taking her career to the next level with her best collective effort to date. The most important principle of her career as a musician is to connect with people, so her music is always available for free download.

The objective is just for people to hear it and be inspired to BE.


Grey Genius

Kristane Thrower, better known by her stage name Grey Genius, was born November 12th, 1991 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

GreyGeniusShe grew up in a family where music was a constant in her life. Music first captured her at 10 years old, as she watched her grandmother sing.

Like most industry legends, she began singing in church, but what really gave Grey the push she needed to become an artist was watching her uncle and father make music. It was from then on she began her own journey making music.  At eleven, while most children were riding bikes or jumping rope, Grey began rapping, singing, and writing her own songs.

After graduating from Riverside University High School in 2010, she went on to pursue her education as well as hone her artistic abilities at Marquette University. She has recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts and Broadcast and Electronic Communication.

Much like her name, her music is genius. Grey’s musical roots are in Hip-Hop and R&B, with the occasional pop influence.  Despite her roots, she is not afraid of staying true to her story, defying the notion of fitting within the confines of any particular genre.

“If you ask her about her name, she’ll tell you that her first name represents how her music style isn’t black and white. She exposes herself to all types of music and feels that she has been blessed with a limitless style, which makes her feel like a genius,” said 88Nine Radio Milwaukee .

To date, Grey Genius has released two mixtapes entitled Take It or Leave It (2012) and My Love Is… (2014).

Currently, she is working tirelessly with local artists, experimenting with her sound and continuing to grow with each new experience. Although her sound cannot be labeled, you can feel her authenticity and devotion to the story and the music. You will always feel the soul that is Grey Genius. And that’s exactly how she wants it to be.

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Zed Kenzo
zedkenzo_pridefest_milwaukeeZed Kenzo is a musical performer born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Coming from a strong performance background of professional modern dance, theater and classical piano training she has the right tools to make her perfectly equipped to be a dynamic performer on stage.

Her instrumentation is self-produced and this paired along with her spitfire and often unique cadence adds an even more special element to her sets.

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Kilo of Bloodline

Akiya Q. Alexander, better known as Kilo aka SkitL’z was born in Evanston, Illinois.  She grew up in a single-family home with her mother Gail, who was very big on music. SkitL’z fell in love with the genre R&B/Soul at a young age. Her father also opened her ears to the jazz world, and she became a big fan of saxophonist Kenny G.

kilo_pridefest_milwaukeeIt was not until Kris Kross’s smash hit single “Jump” from the “Totally Krossed Out” album that she first fell in love with hip-hop. SkitL’z began to be intrigued by MC Lyte and Queen Latifah.  SkitL’z graduated high school from The Patterson School in Lenoir, North Carolina.

SkitL’z officially picked up the mic in 2010.   She was featured on some on tracks with 1neofmani, an artist of BloodLine Music Group, who is based out of Peoria, Illinois.   In 2012, SkitL’z received her stamp of approval from the group as BloodLine’s 1st Lady.   Kilo and business partner/groupmate 1neofmani started a clothing line, LessWork, in 2013.

SkitL’z was nominated for “Group of the Year’, “Rookie of the Year”, and “Song of the Year” at the Madison Hip-Hop Awards in November of 2014.   She has been working on collaboration with local artist in the Madison, WI area and members of her group BloodLine.   In June 2015, SkitL’z released the mixtape “Watch Your Toes.”

On July 4, 2015, SkitL’z drop her first video, “Lord Knows.”   One year later, she made another collaborative mixtape “Stepping On Toes.”   Kilo SkitL’z also was interviewed by “608,” a local magazine in Madison, WI.   In 2016, she was nominated and won Female Emcee Artist of the Year at the Madison Hip-Hop Award.

Kilo is looking forward to whatever 2017 has to offer. She looks to inspire other young female artist in the music field. She continues to focus on music and the LessWork clothing line.

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