Friday, June 9: ShayKenn

shaykenn_pridefestmilwaukeeShayKenn plays the PrideFest Milwaukee Dance Pavilion on Friday, June 9 at 6:30 p.m.

ShayKenn was born and raised in Milwaukee.  He always had a passion for music, but never knew how to apply that passion.   Over the past three years, he came to find out that both his father and brother DJd in some capacity, which increased his connection to the music and the art. He has never felt more passionate about something in his life.

“It’s a privilege to do what we do,” says ShayKenn.  “I love providing an energy for the night. I have many people that have helped me along the way and for them I am forever grateful.”

ShayKenn has played in numerous venues in Milwaukee, Chicago and Iowa City.

“My proudest moment/accomplishment was the opportunity to play PrideFest last year,” said ShayKenn.  “The LBGTQ community has a special place in my heart and it was an honor to play for my friends and family in that setting.”

ShayKenn has some very exciting things coming in the near future, and looks forward to beginning original productions this year.

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