Sunday, June 11: Parallel

8069_Parallel_LR_-¬2016CJFoeckler (1)Parallel plays the Wom!nz Spot Cafe on Sunday, June 11.

Parallel mixes vocals, piano, electric cello, drums and bass/guitar to deliver its own brand of rocking poetry. From high energy, driving rhythms to rich, dark, emotive melodies,  Parallel provides a captivating juxtaposition of texture and instrumentation in its approach to indie pop.

“Meet Parallel; a five-piece, female fronted, cello-backed amalgam of talent, churning out sounds that beckon familiarities across multiple genres. From classical, to punk, to folk, they try to create a unique sound that keeps you guessing. ” – Muse MKE, February 2017.

parallel_pridefestmilwaukee“In another dimension where 10,000 Maniacs and ’60s classical rockers The Left Banke share a tour bus for a couple of months, something akin to Between The Lines could be the result.” – Shepherd Express, October 2016.

Parallel, founded in 2013, includes Meredith Ann Sipe (vocals / piano,) Thea Morton Vorass  (cello / vocals,) Dave Maurer (bass,) Chris Guse (guitar,) and Rick Hagopian (drums.)

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