Saturday, June 10: The Zimmer Effect

zimmereffect_pridefestmilwaukeeThe Zimmer Effect plays the Wom!nz Spot Lounge on Saturday, June 10.

Milwaukee rock band The Zimmer Effect serve audiences a hot plate of grungy, proggy, groove rock.

At times in your face channeling their hard rock, classic rock, and metal influences, The Zimmer Effect can also lay down a mellow groove to soothe your tender side, thanks to their slight pop and r&b flavor. It is a phenomenon you will not miss. If you love music, you will find something you love here.

The Zimmer Effect is the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Emily Zimmer, who has been active on the regional, national, and international music scenes since 2002 and isn’t stopping any time soon. Long-time collaborator and drummer Mike LaPlant puts the band in motion using his ever-steady rock rhythmic sensibilities, while bassist Max Morgan’s tight, melodic phrasing completes the framework.

Combined with an entertaining live show and a great love for what they do, this exciting band guarantees a good time.

Look for The Zimmer Effect’s latest EP “Pierce Street Singles” on iTunes and Amazon.

Connect with The Zimmer Effect on Twitter, Facebook, and Reverbnation.

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