Revamped Dance Company in Dance Pavilion

Revamped logoRevamped Dance Company has a goal: to showcase their idea of what “raw hip hop” is in Milwaukee. This company, formerly known as Remix Dance Company, has been established in Milwaukee since 2006. So as long term veterans in the Milwaukee dance community, Revamped wants to integrate old ideas and “revamp” them.
Dance Pavilion
June 10-11-12
The troupe is multi-discipline and would want to expand our process of movement by utilizing alternate dance styles within our “Milwaukee Hip Hop Style”. Revamped wants to be able to find and exploit the talent Milwaukee has to offer. Dance should be fun whether you are making it a career OR just a hobby and we enjoy dance, especially hip hop! Yet, with such a small community most aspiring dancers don’t have the outlets to showcase their talent.
Revamped 1Revamped Dance Company wants to change that! There are many talented Hip Hop Choreographers in Milwaukee and surrounding area that we want to grow to another level. Our Open Classes gives dancers the opportunity to learn from the different choreographers within the Milwaukee area and at the same time gives choreographers the chance to put their self out there on a more professional level.
Bottom line we don’t want the talent that’s seen in this community to go to waste. We just want to provide this program so that everyone knows that there are talented dancers in our own hometown that are willing to teach other aspiring dancers and help give the right training for where they want to be with DANCE!
If you would like to know more information about Revamped Dance Company visit: or on Facebook under Revamped Dance Company!

DANCERS participating in the show:
Richard Brasfield
Nate Ramos
Daniel Mendez
Tyara Bennet
Paul Webb
Ayanah Harps
Joshua Ellis
Arrieanna Jones
Kodi Schopper
Terrence Morris
Shaunna Davis
Jacuria Poe
Sammy Hertel
Davien Webb
Emily Aiello
A.J. johnson
Ariana Walls
Brendel Banks
Amber Norton
Richard Cain
Brandie Lingo
Deonte Govan
Tabitha Riley
Jazelyn Goudy
Morgan Williams
Tray Roundtree
Labella Hegewood
Alesha Jackson
Cierra Malone
Ernesto Hernandez- Reyes