Comedy rules at the ClamJam Sunday, June 12

milwaukeerecord_milwaukeeprideThe ClamJam happens Sunday, June 12 at 8:00 p.m. on the Milwaukee Record Stage.

The ClamJam is a Stand-Up Comedy Showcase featuring some of the BEST comics in Chicago and Milwaukee!

Co-Host: Liz Ziner was lucky enough to live the first 14 years of her life completely unencumbered by self awareness–which lent itself well to hamming it up at every possible opportunity.

From over-the-top Ace Ventura impressions to fitting her whole fist in her mouth, Liz powered through her awkward phase captivating audiences by any means necessary.

liz zinerThis love for the limelight and general shamelessness eventually led Liz to try stand-up comedy in late 2013, and it was an instant fit. Liz’s high-energy storytelling and quirky perspective won hearts and minds at 2014’s Battle Royale for Milwaukee’s Funniest Comedian where she took runner up with just over a year of stand-up experience.

Since then, she has entertained crowds at clubs, bars, bowling alleys and brunch tables, and has co-produced the ClamJam Comedy Showcase, Cheap Thrills! Comedy Showcase,  The Goodnight Milwaukee Show, the inaugural Cream City Comedy Festival, and Sexpress 2.0: He’s Said / She Said, a sex and relationship advice podcast for the Shepherd Express.



alison dunne picCo-Host: Allison Dunne

After giving up on other stage performance (including singing, dancing and playing the sweet sweet oboe), Allison Dunne started stand-up in Milwaukee, WI and quickly made a name for herself in Wisconsin comedy before moving to Chicago last year.

Allison’s sugar-coated treatment of taboo has landed her opening gigs for touring headliners like Nick Thune and Matt Fulchiron. She’ll have you both laughing and avoiding eye contact with her parents after the show.



carlyCarly Ballerini:

Carly is a quickly rising Chicago comic.  She produces two popular and unique shows in Chicago: Ladylike and SPACE and has performed all over the Midwest and Seattle.  After life with a bi-polar mom who went to clown college, adorably racist Italian grandparents and too many relationships to count, her wry take on a world gone mad will leave you unsettled in the most delightful way.


tyler snodgrass


Tyler Snodgrass:

Tyler Snodgrass is a comedian living in Chicago. Fueled by dark beers and frequent embarrassment,  Tyler tells the hilarious and true stories from his life, often inspired by his family and Ozarks roots. Tyler combines vulnerability and silliness in a way that makes his stories as funny as they are true. Tyler co-created and produces the comedic storytelling show/party, We Still Like You, which is based in Chicago, has a chapter in Los Angeles, and has appeared in festivals, theaters, and apartments all over the country. He writes for The Whiskey Journal and the Emmy Award-winning talk show, The Mystery Hour. He has a good heart and an OK face.

shannonShannon Noll

Often confused for a lovable little boy, Shannon Nolls anecdotal comedy draws from, among other things, working as a tour guide in downtown Chicago and existing as a queer person in the age of online dating. Shannon is a producer of Coles Chicago Cabaret, the shameful story telling show We Still Like You, and the podcast The Koch Brothers Mystery Show (Cards Against Humanity). She is also a regular performer at The Annoyance Theater.