Meta Arts soars sky-high Saturday, June 11

Metamorphis artsDon’t miss the Meta Arts aerial distraction show on Saturday, June 11, at the Wom!nz Spot.

The Meta Arts Aerial Distraction Show will amaze and amuse both young and old with visual delights and distractions galore!

Watch the daredevils exhibit feats of strength and grace while flying high on aerial silks, chains, and lyras. From our youngest performer – Makaylla – to our oldest – oh, we’re not tellin’ ya which one of us that is – you’ll be delighted and excited to see what we have in store for YOU! Come join us all-day Saturday, June 11 at PrideFest.






Her lyra journey began during the exceptionally cold Wisconsin winter of 2014. She encountered the dangling apparatus while attending a yoga class at Metamorphosis Arts in Racine, WI. Intrigued at first sight, she became determined to master this curious hoop.

She left her first class covered in bruises and feeling slightly “in over her head.” But despite being barely able to move the following morning, the challenge and thrill the lyra sparked in her drove her to return the next week… and the next week…and then for many weeks and classes to follow.

The new aerial student was given the name “Fearlyssa” by fellow aerialists in her class. “Fearless?” she thought. A word she never would have used to describe herself! But she was indeed transforming. The lyra gave her an incredible outlet for self expression. Inside that hoop she felt empowered, strong, beautiful, and confident.

Today she is grateful for the opportunity to present her aerial skills and hopes to continue this practice for the duration of her time on this planet.

Once a shy and reserved woman, now she is Fearlyssa.



Ms. Moxie Rocket set her sights on aerial arts more than a decade ago. She searched but there was nowhere to go to learn. Years later, on a trip across the country to study what seemed a more attainable and perfectly practical passion, belly dance, she attended a show that included aerial performances that seemed say to her, “hey, you wanted to do THAT!” Unfortunately, there was still nowhere to learn.

Some more years passed and she turned 40. And then came Metamorphosis Arts.  Really? Now?!?  That star she wished on sure took it's time. Was it too late to learn something new?

Well, Moxie Rocket is here to tell you that there has been nothing more rewarding than this far out adventure.

If you think you can, you can. The sky really is the limit!




Sprouting out of southeastern Wisconsin, Laurenegade first learned performance arts as a child in tap and jazz classes. Continuing on as a tap and jazz dancer, she made the mistake of becoming a cheerleader for a couple years, but threw out the pom poms to wrap her hands around a pole.

Studying pole dance between Milwaukee and Chicago, she sought something new and landed herself on a lyra at Metamorphosis Arts in Racine, WI and never looked back. She continues to work the pole, but now it’s on top of the Lyra.



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