See the Leather and Fetish Gear Show Saturday, June 11

leather showThe annual Leather and Fetish Gear Show happens Saturday, June 11 at 4:00 p.m. in the PrideFest Dance Pavilion.

Eddie is the new director of this prestigious annual event.  We are proud to say this is our 17th year and participation is skyrocketing.

Eddie is a leading Milwaukee Male Entertainer, an active member of the leather and general gay community, as well as a former Mr. IML contestant.

Please join Eddie as he gathers a mixture of representatives of our local leather and fetish community.  Ropes, rubber, leather, fur, uniforms, lace … let your imagination know no boundaries.

Come dance along with your hosts Karen Valentine and Maple Veneer as they lead us in this diverse representation of our community!

Curious, and/or, have questions?  Please stick around afterwards for Q&A!