Saturday, June 11: Claire Kelly

claire kellyClaire Kelly plays Saturday, June 11 at 3:00 p.m. at the Wom!nz Spot.

Claire Kelly, a young twenty-something who recently graduated from Marquette University, is taking the music world by storm.

Throughout her time at Marquette she was considered a “token campus musician” performing her original music for numerous school events. Claire has been recording her music since high school but most recently released her new EP “Moments to Save” at one of her shows at ummerfest.

“Claire Kelly is not only a great singer with a unique vocal style, but she’s a talented songwriter who continues to grow musically and lyrically. Her songs paint pictures that are guaranteed to put you in a good space if you give them the chance. I look forward to hear what she comes up with next.” – Paul Bell, Quietman Records

Her songs “Outside the Lines”, “Don’t Get Me Wrong” and “Freckles” have had air time on 102.1 FM, 106.1 FM as well as a few college radio stations. Claire has opened for William Becket of The Academy Is, The Ballroom Thieves, Kurt Scobie, American English, The Living Statues and many others in the past few years.

Claire is now focusing on playing new venues, meeting new people and spreading her music wherever she goes.

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