Dawn Tefft in Spoken Word Showcase

DAWNTEFFTDawn Tefft has poems published in national journals such as Fence, Denver Quarterly, and Witness.

Her chapbooks include Fist (Dancing Girl Press), The Walking Dead: A Lyric (Finishing Line Press), and Field Trip to My Mother and Other Exotic Locations (Mudlark).

Her nonfiction appears in PopMatters, Truthout, and Woodland Pattern's blog.

She holds a PhD in Creative Writing from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, lives in Chicago, and loves fantastical literature, labor activism, and photography.

Spoken Word Showcase, Sunday June 12


  1. Max H. Eisenberg says

    It’s about damn time!!!
    Spoken word poets deserve to have a Public Venue at Pridefest
    so that we can express ourself as our venues here in Milwaukee Wisconsin have been slowly but surely disappearing from the landscape for years and this truly needs to change! We really need to see a return of poetic venues to Milwaukee Wisconsin. Poetry in Milwaukee Wisconsin can be traced all the way back to the 1800’s. Furthermore poetry in Wisconsin has been influential on tons of Artists, Musicians, Cinematographers,Architects, Doctors and the list goes on.

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