Saturday, June 11: JEGZ

JEGZ (1)JEGZ spins at the PrideFest Milwaukee Dance Pavilion on Saturday, June 11 at 2:00 p.m.

JEGZ is a thriving young producer and DJ from Milwaukee, WI. His passion and love for music is like no other.

Former metal guitarist of “The Apophis Restraints”, ending in 2012. At this time he discovered Electronic Dance Music (EDM). His passion and love for music grew substantially, he then started to work on music production, and started working on the decks.

After years of searching for his sound JEGZ brings you only the best tracks ranging from Electro, House, Bass house, and even hip-hop inspired EDM.

arcade-font-writerFrom 2014 until now JEGZ has been on a steady up rise. Expanding his roots through the Midwest is just the beginning. He has been featured on Electric Island, Sonic fusion music festival, Cliff stock, Winter shakedown, Illinois vs. Wisco, and more!

The shows are about the audience not the DJ’s and JEGZ is here to make sure that stays true. His mission is to do what it takes to insure your good time.

So are you ready to JEG it out?

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