Enter the D.I.X. DollHaus Saturday, June 11

DIXSDOLLHAUSThe D.I.X. DollHaus performs in the PrideFest Milwaukee Dance Pavilion Saturday, June 11 at 1:00 p.m.

The crown jewels of D.I.X. Milwaukee (739 S 1st St) are the D.I.X. DollHaus.

Consisting of Toyota Corona, Nina Pinta Santa Maria, Melee McQueen, Kari Oki, Malaiya Marvel and Gluttoni Sinn, these talented up-and-coming local performers were hand-picked to showcase their artistic endeavors together at D.I.X.

Their unique looks and talents make them the perfect collective — to encourage each other, and to reach further within their creativity!

Taking Milwaukee by the wig, and bringing the house down with every show, these performers bring a mix of high fashion, live vocals, dance and comedy to the forefront.

This eclectic mix is the perfect group to represent D.I.X. Milwaukee, a bar known for its Avant Garde clientele and outlandish parties (including Pride Weekend’s Sweet Friday Party, Sour Saturday Party and the Post Parade Beach Party.)

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