Dixie Lynn Cartwright co-hosts the Dance Pavilion

DIXIELYNNCARTWRIGHTDixie Lynn Cartwright co-hosts the PrideFest Milwaukee Dance Pavilion with Trannika Rex all weekend long!

Dixie Lynn Cartwright is a live-singing drag queen, an English-speaking emcee, and a Southern Baptist nightmare forcing her talents on the people of Chicago.

Lucky for us she likes to travel, because she will be taking over the Dance Pavilion all weekend here in Milwaukee as co-host,  June 10-12

She hosts her own monthly show at Berlin Nightclub called Dixie Wins A Talent Show (while Alexis Bevels stage manages), in which she hosts and automatically wins her own talent show. When she’s not rigging her shows, she is hosting RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing parties or Beyoncé dance contests at Sidetrack.

Dixie can also be found singing obscure Broadway songs to her tens of tens of YouTube fans. As an actress, Dixie has been seen in Barney the Elf (The Other Theatre Co.), Snow White and the Seven Drag Queens, The Bitchfest Club, and Scream Girls (MidTangent Productions).

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