Sunday, June 12: SLUTTER

pridefest_milwaukee_slutterSlutter performs on the Miller Lite Mainstage on Sunday, June 12 at 4:15 P.M.

SLUTTER is the finest all-female KISS revue in the country.

Featuring four of Chicago’s hottest and most talented creatures of the night, this quartet of hard luck women has the magic touch to resurrect the energy of the original KISS shows 100,000 years ago.

Clad in traditional KISS make up, leather, vinyl, studs and spacesuits, SLUTTER features the hissing, purring, shedding Peterless Criss, the sexually ambiguous, always inappropriate starchild GG Stanley, the gluttonous, blood-spitting goddess of thunder Dr. Love, and the firey, radioactive Ace SHEley.

The reviews were in after their first few appearances: The only thing missing in this psycho circus is the Y chromosome.

The ladies of SLUTTER are murder in high heels. They are the queens of the night time world. They are the goddesses that give rock and roll to you – and you will want nothing more than to lick it up.

SLUTTER arrives on stage daring you to get all you can take. Not only does the band look and sound hotter than heaven on fire, they bring the full KISS spectacle wherever they appear. You wanted the breast? You got the breast. Raise your glasses to SLUTTER and let’s rock and roll all nite!

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