Friday, June 10: Skizzwhores


Skizzwhores perform at the Wom!nz Spot Lounge on Friday, June 10 at 8:00 p.m.

Grunge-smear shakes hands with punk rock, creating something that is nostalgic to some, but also creating a new sound to hit the stages with a destructive and passionate energy that draws in audience members to relate and feel connected to what they are witnessing.

They are Skizzwhores, currently residing in Madison, Wisconsin.

skizzwhores tourtourThe trio performed together at a Halloween show for the first time, covering both Bikini Kill and Joy Division in 2013. With a hodgepodge of influences such as Distillers, Sonic Youth, The Germs to the Cardigans, they have managed to put a bit of it all into their style.

Currently, they have released a split CD with Chicago locals Ultrahazard. They love being on a road and tour whenever they get a chance.

In June 2015, Skizzwhores released our EP titled “WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.” Their full-length album “INSOMNIA MANIA” was released in September 2015.   They are in charge of setting up “Grrrls Kick Ass Fest” in Madison. This festival celebrates female artists and give them a night where they won’t be confused as a “merch girl.”

Skizzwhores fight the good fight for equality, always.

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