Saturday, June 11: DJ Ryan Kenney


DJ Ryan Kenney

Friday June 10

Ryan Kenney is an International DJ / Producer.  Many years after attending music school, Kenney found early success as a DJ performing live at high profile events and creating his own unique music mixes. Kenney, new to the scene was reviewed by the press, including the Huffington Post’s article, “The Hollywood Soundtrack: Five Acts to Check Out” which described his music mixes as, “an interesting and refreshing spin on what it means to get down… feels like an endless beach party with all your best friends.”

Kenney has performed at private parties thrown by Elton John, Joel McHale, and Lance Bass, as well as at Coachella, Gucci’s Grammy Party, major sporting events, other music festivals and high profile clubs around the world.

He had been working for years behind the scenes quietly exploring his sound to perfectly capture his big room style, while finding his voice as a producer. Being compelled to achieve for as close to perfection as possible, he did not want to release anything until he was at a certain level of excellence and with this debut remix; he is poised to become a notable producer.

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