Sunday, June 7: Rose on Fire

RoseRose on Fire heats up the Loft Lounge Sunday, June 7 at 7:00 P.M.

Laurie Kern has played in bands since ninth grade.  Rose On Fire is her first “own” band, which she started in 2010.  She writes songs that can only be described as “psychedelic pop/folk” with a slightly edgy theme.

Laurie played with many people and bands, most notably with the late Mark Shurilla’s Greatest Hits & McTavish.  “It was because of Mark that I’ve played all the larger stages I have,” said Laurie, “including Summerfest, Rainbow Summer, Bastille Days & the Barrymore Theater in Madison.”

Laurie also played in The Petals, a neo-psychedelic band, which got some international distribution due to its association with Plasticland.  Dan Mullen of Plasticland is now Rose On Fire’s lead guitar player.

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