I am a Force for Good – Sunday 2:30 @ Stonewall

I Am a Force4Good’s® Mission is to promote Culture, Diversity & Beauty in the world. We serve humanity and sell products by promoting goods and services produced by organic social enterprise programs, Fair Trade and United States Sustainable small businesses unlocking their voice creating freedom.

One small business we support and promote is the AWAKEN Higher Brain Living® Elm Grove Center.  At the AWAKEN center, they help people awaken to a new level of consciousness, empower themselves and live up to their highest potential by utilizing a latent energy system in the body that is designed to make change enhancing their life.  A gentle touch technique taps into this energy system and drives it to a very specific part of the brain, the prefrontal cortex.

When we light up the function of this part of our brain, our potential becomes  freely liberated creating lives with more meaning, purpose and happiness.

During our presentation we will describe the different goods and services we promote and where they originate. The Founder of I am A Force4Good®, Brenda Schubach Kiehnau, will explain how The Higher Brain Living® System enabled her to have experiences that created this company.   Shifting consciousness not only played an integral role in empowering Kiehnau to create her company, but also, to understand the need to empower humanity as a whole. When one is empowered to do what their heart loves, dignity is formed and each person begins to live a peaceful meaningful life.

Additionally, during our presentation Lee Mattingly (Dr. Ann Bell) will show a live demonstration of the Higher Brain Living® Technique.  You will see how we help our community by lighting up the function of their prefrontal cortex, which in turn enhances their mind, body, spirit and relationships. It is amazing and deeply profound!