Saturday, June 6: Kia Rap Princess

 Kia Rap Princess plays the Wom!nz Spot on Saturday, June 6 at 9:00 P.M.

kiarapKia Rap Princes
s is a triple threat artist from Milwaukee, WI. Her primary talents are songwriting and rapping but she also sings as well. Her variety of skills allows her to be extremely flexible with her style; fitting into any genre of music from Hip-Hop to Alternative. She was immersed in music at an early age and took to it quickly. Growing up on everything from R&B to Jazz, Kia’s musicality was destined to make her a star.

In 2007, she landed a meeting with some Sony A&R personnel in California, who ultimately wanted to sign her.

Unfortunately, Sony suffered from a buyout and things didn’t quite pan out for the rap princess. However, Kia didn’t let that stop her from pushing for her dream. She returned to Milwaukee and is now linked up with Blaqlizt Music Entertainment. She has made a reputable name for herself due to her innovative rhymes, extremely charismatic persona, and hardcore work ethic.

To date she has released a handful of mixtapes as well as an album, dropped a myriad of high quality videos, shut down countless stages, secured wins in a large array of competitions, snagged a couple of awards, been featured on a vast amount of media sites, and so much more. The most impressive aspect about Kia’s accomplishments is that she has achieved them all on her own as an independent artist.

It is no secret that it is extremely difficult to cover that type of ground without having access to mainstream resources. Determined to bring about a positive change amongst her people and restore some dignity to the image of the female emcee, Kia is blazing a fast trail to the top and she isn’t going to let anyone or anything get in her way.

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