Are you ready for the Brew City Fire Brigade?

FirePhly2The Brew City Fire Brigade will keep the PrideFest Milwaukee Dance Pavilion red hot, all weekend long!

Methyl Ethyl was first inspired by fire poi while touring Australia. Since then she became a co-founder of the Brewcity Fire Brigade (BCFB). She choreographs many of the group routines and is trained in Tribal Modern belly dance and describes her style as “fusion”. Methyl Ethyl is proficient with fire poi, fire eating, fire breathing, fire levitation wand, fire fleshing and fire rope dart”.

Halligan has always been around fire. She was a 2nd generation fire fighter/EMT. Even her name harkens to a fire-fighting tool used by fire fighters. She is practiced in primarily partnered dance styles such as the Lindy Hop, swing and ballroom. She states, “I got sick of dance partners who would get married and stop dancing. Fire is a more reliable partner!”. Halligan is a mother of two and also a co-founder of the Brewcity Fire Brigade. She is trained in fire poi, fire fans, fire whip, fire eating and fire rope dart.

Fire BrigadeMr. Fahrenheit is the third co-founding member of the Brewcity Fire Brigade. His dance influences were forged in nightclubs, improvisational work, musical theater, tribal modern belly dance, and flagging. He has been a cast of the Pridefest Dance Pavillion for past six years. His name refers to a lyric from “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. Mr. Fahrenheit’s skill set includes fire poi, fire fans, fire whip, fire breathing, fire orb, fire staff and fire sword.

Morella Decay loves the circus and has long been inspired by sideshow acts. She pulls influences from other fire performers as well as pop culture. She is trained in ballet, belly dance (tribal Egyptian), dark modern, aerial arts (silk & lyra) and her very own “straight jacket dance”. Morella gets her name from the works of Edgar Allen Poe, and is a self-taught hooper. She is proficient in fire hoop, fire mini hoops, fire fans, fire poi, fire eating and fire fleshing.

FyrePhly has always wanted to bend fire (like in Avatar: The Last Airbender), and now she can! She has always found inspiration in the rave scene as well as electronic music. Pridefest holds a special place in her heart, as she is the co-president of Alverno’s Gay/Straight Alliance. She is also an intern and Milwaukee LGBT community center (visit their booth!). FyrePhly is a trained in ballet and belly dance. She enjoys using props such as a veil or Isis wings for belly dance. FyrePhly employs fire levitation wand, fire poi, fire eating and fire fans in her performances.

Zah Zah has always loved dance. She has been a part of the Pridefest Dance Pavillion cast for past 4 years. It is at the Pridefest Dance Pavillion where she met Methyl Ethyl and Mr. Fahrenheit. Zah Zah is practiced in belly dance, hip hop and gymnastics and teaches group fitness dance classes at Wisconsin Athletic Club. She uses fire fans, fire poi, palm torches and fire staff in her performances.FirePhly1

LynFerno is influenced greatly by world traditional and contemporary dance. She often blends elements of Middle Eastern, Tribal and hip hop in her performances. LynFerno describes her performance as a fusion of technique and athleticism. LynFerno as also has been a Pridefest Dance Pavillion cast member for the past 4 years. Her favored tools are fire rope dart, fire poi, fire fans, fire eating and palm torches.

Fire Walker has found her inspiration through Cirque de Soliel and various flowtoys. She describes her dance style as “liquid” and practices Vinyassa Yoga. She is a Thai Massage Therapist, multi-instrumentalist and can be found teaching staff at various flow arts festivals. Fire Walker juggles fire, as well as performs with fire contact staff, fire poi and she enjoys fire eating.

Lunar Jage first fell in love with fire performance while watching a performer with fire poi. She is an experienced performer who is practiced in Egyptian and Tribal Belly Dance, Ballet, Turkish and Spanish Gypsy, Tango (both Argentine and American), Dark Modern, African, Tap and Bolero. She is also a dance instructor and the owner and artistic director of Gypsy Moon Dance. Lunar Jage’s favored fire tool is the fire sword.

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