Friday, June 5: DJ Duo AJ Dubbz and Carla Starla

DJs AJ Dubbz and Carla Starla hit the PrideFest Milwaukee Dance Pavilion on Friday, June 5 at 6 P.M.TheStacks8,ps,re

DJ duo AJ Dubbz & Carla Starla (Milwaukee, WI/Chicago, IL) have been behind the decks and pushing forward the sound of the underground and beyond to dance-floors of the Midwest for over a decade and counting.

These heavy-hitters combine as one by playing back-to-back tracks that gives their listeners the opportunity to be immersed in an uplifting musical journey. Their tag-team DJ-set is one not to miss!



AJ Dubbz is no stranger to the music game and and has been producing and mixing since the early 00’s. Melding soothing touches of punchy four-on-four electronic beats, AJ will soothe even the most savage of beasts. What makes him expressively diverse during his performances is his capability to move across assorted genres of electronic music; From current and past dancefloor-friendly-gems such as top-charting EDM and House to Garage & Electro goodies. His special attention to detail brings each track to new life as he seamlessly blends his way in and out of the mix.

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Carla Starla is a house music legend who delivers amazingly soulful live-singing alongside her amazing DJing skills! Her passion for making original music as well as writing and singing keeps her motivated while traveling across the states, all while holding down a spiritual path that enlightens the ones that get to hear her along the way. Carla has plenty of experience from working with bands and other artists in the past, this allows her expertise to shine through her work and once heard – all that amazes the ears, mind, body and soul.

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